“…beyond a dream come true.”

I sought treatment from Lucy due to nerve damage in my lower leg. I had no feeling in my lower leg and had had four surgeries and physical therapy to alleviate the pain I was experiencing.

After 7 months of seeing Lucy I never dreamed of these results.

I have regained feeling in my leg which is an added benefit to the fact that I no longer experience sharp intense pain on a daily basis. I rarely have pain now and after 3 months of treatment was able to complete a 5K race. I never imagined that I would be able to tolerate someone touching my leg or be pain free. However, in the last 7 months I have experienced that and so much more.

I would absolutely recommend my friends and family to Lucy. I am so unbelievable happy and impressed with the results of acupuncture; it is beyond a dream come true.

Brynna C.
Neshanic Station, NJ

“…a gifted healer…”

Dr. Lucy Liu has treated me for several conditions, including insomnia, back pain, and digestive problems. In each case, the treatment I received from Dr. Liu has been effective in resolving my condition.

Dr. Liu conducts a careful interview with patients in her initial consultation, and she is generous with her time during each session, ensuring clear communication and a positive environment. She cares deeply about her patients’ healing.

I was impressed with Dr. Liu’s approach to diagnosis, which integrates aspects of both Western and traditional Chinese medicine. In a similar way, Dr. Liu uses a wide variety of therapies in her practice.

I especially found Dr. Liu’s acupuncture treatment to be comfortable and relaxing. The most remarkable part of the experience was how balanced my energy was for hours after treatment. I certainly plan to incorporate acupuncture into my regular wellness program, perhaps on a seasonal basis.

Dr. Lucy Liu is a truly gifted healer.

Toyce C.

“…I have gained another family and place of comfort…”

I came to Dr. Liu’s office on the recommendation of my fertility doctor. My husband and I had completed two rounds of IVF that had both failed. We had been told that the only way we might conceive a healthy baby would be through IVF and pre-genetic testing. My tubes were both closed, I didn’t ovulate, and my eggs were genetically unhealthy; a baby would most likely never be an option for us, but we wanted to try what we could. We met with Dr. Liu in the hopes that she could keep us relaxed and stress free before and during our third attempt at IVF.

I followed Dr. Liu’s recommendations exactly as we prepared to get started with IVF #3. We were scheduled to start the medication on July 15th. On July 14th we went in for a last-check scan, and were shocked at the results. We were already pregnant… 7 weeks pregnant. The fertility doctors were stunned and told us that this was a true miracle as a natural conception, in our case, was medically impossible. We told them that we had been seeing Dr. Liu and they (and we) can only attribute our miracle to her. I truly believe in what she does and know in my heart that I would not be pregnant if I hadn’t been seeing Dr. Liu.

The care she provides in her office is unmatched and I feel like I have gained another family and place of comfort when I am there. I look forward to seeing her, and always leave the office feeling better than when I came in. Family members and many of my friends have come to Dr. Liu to be a patient in her office.

We recently found out that we are having a perfectly healthy, baby boy. He will always know that Dr. Liu is responsible for his existence and I look forward to introducing my son to the women who gave us something we never thought we would have…a baby.

Mrs K.


I came to Lucy for Infertility treatments. With Lucy’s help, I became pregnant with TWINS.

I was very satisfied with Lucy’s treatments and would refer my friends and family to her.

Alicia M.

“…forever grateful.”

My husband and I went to see Lucy because we were having difficulty getting pregnant and we did not want to resort to going through fertility treatments (A fertility Doctor told us that without fertility treatments we had a very slim chance of getting pregnant). With Lucy’s help after several months we were successful ! Now we have a beautiful baby girl ! ! ! We owe so much to Lucy for her wonderful treatments – and continued encouragement, even when I had given up hope.

I have and will continue to refer family & friends to Lucy. She is an incredible Doctor and a wonderful person . We would not have our daughter without her and for that we will be forever grateful.

Jennifer & Tony S. and Baby Noa

“…a Great Master of her trade…”

My wife was referred to Acupuncture to help her while going thru IVF (Pregnancy). This was the first time my wife has ever tried acupuncture and I can see Lucy’s Treatment helped her right away.

My wife was very relaxed, less nervous, less anxious and completely stress free. We are so Blessed to have Lucy as our Acupuncturist and thanks to all her treatments we are expecting TWINS. I will be referring friends and family to Lucy.

Lucy is a Great Master of her trade, very professional and caring. Thank you very much.

God Bless you, your family and staff.

William E.

“…totally satisfied…”

I have been suffering for over 10 years with interstitial cystitis and pelvic pain. The pain was constant and severe and I had been to many different doctors trying to get some relief but without success. I also had urinary frequency and urgency which interfered with my daily functioning and with work.

Miraculously, my pain has been eliminated and my urinary frequency and urgency has been diminished. I feel like I have been given my life back. Without the constant pain, I feel like a new woman, with lots of energy and hope for the future.

I am totally satisfied, the treatments have certainly exceeded my expectations. I was hoping for some pain relief beut did not expect the complete relief of my painful symptoms that I have experienced for the past 10 years.

Thank you for giving me my life back!

Erika K.

“…very satisfied…”

I went to Lucy because I had a skin allergy, where my skin/arms would be red, itchy, and swollen when it was hot. Since Lucy performed acupuncture, my body is able to distribute the heat and my arms are not swollen or red. I already have given colleagues Lucy’s business card. I’m very satisfied. However, I’m wondering how long it will last when I stop treatment.

Stacie L.

“…feel very pain free and very up!”

I first came to Dr. Liu with a stomach condition called IBS. It is a painful stomach problem. My Gastroenterologist suggested I use acupuncture since I wasn’t getting or wanted to use medicine. After several treatments from Lucy the pain was gone. I feel very pain free and very up! After my treatments. I recommend acupuncture for all kinds of pain. Lucy is great.

Andrea M.

“I would tell anyone to give it a try.”

I came to your office because I was seeking relief from a gallbladder condition. I have been suffering with gall bladder issues for the last 3+ years. I have been to various other medical doctors all of whom could not provide me relief. I could not have some of the testing completed by these doctors because of an allergic reaction to some of the drugs necessary for the tests. I know that I could force the issue to have surgery to remove the gall bladder but I wanted to avoid that at all costs.

When I say “all costs” I do not necessarily mean monetary costs rather the fact that I am afraid of needles. Whenever I have required an injection of any kind, I would need to lie down as I could pass out just from seeing the needle. When I first meet you I told you how much I “disliked” needles – you assured me it was nothing more then maybe a pinch that I would feel. So I agreed to let you proceed. How glad I am…I only felt the prick of the needle a few times over the course of my treatment with you. I had been suffering for over three weeks of constant pain when we first started the treatment and within a week I could actually say I was already felling better. I can actually go about my daily activities without having that consistent pain nagging at me.

I was so happy with what we were accomplishing for me that my mother became a patient of yours. She has had several back and knee surgeries. She also advised that she has felt relief from the treatment she is receiving.

Would I recommend acupuncture to someone else – you bet! From someone who HATES needles – I would tell anyone to give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Ulrike O.

“I want to thank Dr. Liu for making me a complete person again.”

The conditions for my seeking Dr. Liu’s treatment was primarily due to a chronic post nasal drip, a never ending clearing of my throat (especially after meals) as well as a recurring sore throat. I also had an elongated uvula and neck pain dating back to my childhood football days and insomnia prompted by all of the aforementioned. After a few treatments I began to feel relief in all of my symptoms. I can now breath much better, my energy levels have increased and my overall mental wellbeing has improved.

I have recommended acupuncture to various friends and family after seeing for myself that it really works. I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical at first, but decided to go forward with the acupuncture after considering my alternatives proposed by my Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. After several visits to my ENT doctor (which included prescriptions for antibiotics, antihistamines, a steroid nasal spray as well as a CT Scan) I was ultimately informed that my options were to have surgery on my swollen sinuses and continue medication for the remainder of my life. I didn’t consider this an option and decided to try an alternative source. In additional to the above, I also decided to be tested for allergies by a local allergist, but was diagnosed to have only a very mild dust mite and ragweed allergy.

I can attribute my wellness entirely to the acupuncture treatment since no medications were taken during this period, except for two natural remedies that Dr. Liu recommended. All I can say is that I am now a true believer in acupuncture and am no longer frustrated. I want to thank Dr. Liu for making me a complete person again. I am so ever grateful…Thank you so much for giving me my life back and making me a believer.

Angelo A.

“You will get results.”

When I came to Lucy at Nu Yu Acupuncture, I was having chronic UTI’s and pain from my waste to my knees. I was not able to comfortably wear my favorite jeans, sit or lay down. I had been to multiple doctors and specialists who were not able to diagnose any problem or help me. I heard about Lucy from a friend so I made an appointment. I was not sure she could help, but after my first visit I new I found the one person who listened and offered a plan to get me feeling better. Lucy asks me questions on my health and progress before each session and adjusts or recommends thing for me to do that will help my healing process. Following her instructions and working with her quickly got me felling better after each visit. At this point (several months later) I am back in my favorite jeans and no longer suffering chronic pain.

I have my life back and it is all thanks to Lucy, I don’t know what I would have done without her!!!

I will recommend her, and have, to anyone. You must follow her instructions and program to get results and you will get results. Acupuncture can cure many things that happen to our bodies, I am a firm believer that acupuncture is the way to healing and that combined with Lucy’s expertise, makes it a sure bet that your life will become healthy again.


“…feeling good”, “totally satisfied.”

Several Weeks ago, in June I was experiencing severe pain in the left side of my face and was diagnosed with a condition know as Trigenamanol Neuralgia. Searching the internet it was suggested that Acupuncture could be of some relief. As the medicine I was taking at the time did not seem to help.

On arriving at the office of Lucy Liu she went over my past history and proceeded to give me a treatment of acupuncture which was painless and relaxing.

I returned two days later for another session and started to feel some relief. By the third session I no longer felt the pain and was able to eat and talk again.

As advised by Lucy I continued the sessions several more times and am feeling good.

This was the first time for acupuncture and I was totally satisfied with the results it gave me.

Ellie B.