Vascular Ultrasound Health Screening

Dr. Frances Sun is the Managing Director of Sun Sound Medical Imaging LLC. She is present at our location twice a month, and conducts ultrasound and preventative vascular health screening tests to detect blood clots in three major arteries.

Why you need preventive vascular screenings

Blood clots cause about 700,000 strokes that lead to 130,000 deaths each year in the US. 80% of patients have no symptoms before the stroke. A simple, painless, and accurate carotid screening will tell you if you are at risk and, with proper treatment, stop this primary, preventable cause of disability.

How we do preventive vascular health screenings

Sun Sound Medical Imaging provides simple and accurate screenings. Using the ultrasound machine, the safest tool, we do carotid and peripheral artery screenings in affordable, convenient, proactive steps toward the goal of prevention – to make you aware of unrecognized and potential health problems and risks, and act on them.

If interested, existing patients may discuss scheduling an ultrasound with Dr. Sun at a regular appointment with Dr. Liu.