Moxa Rolls

Moxibustion involves the burning of an herb–moxa–either on the head of the needle or against the skin. Most often this involves only tiny threads of moxa. With proper technique, it is often a pleasant treatment that gives a mild warming feeling and carries little risk of causing a burn.

Moxa is an herb from the chrysanthemum family. It warms, increases the circulation of qi and blood, strengthens yang and helps to prevent disease.

Moxa is available for purchase at our office for $1 a roll, cash-only.

Directions for Use

Light the moxa roll in its proper holder and hold it near the area to be treated. Do not touch the skin – burns will occur. It is recommended to use moxa outside, as it has a powerful smell.

Warning: Do not use while intoxicated, emotional, or under stress. Do not use if you are suffering from a skin condition or on open wounds.